lionrock life: the mobile app

available for download now on your phone or tablet

Mobile app lionrock

all are welcome

Our new mobile app will be a meeting place for the Lionrock Recovery Community. You can join us by creating an account and subscribing.

Mobile app lionrock

personalize your experience

Your user account will allow you to find and join recovery support meetings & be the first to know about new Lionrock offerings.

Mobile app lionrock

join live meetings quickly

Our mobile app will streamline your experience by allowing you to quickly find today’s meetings & join the meeting happening right now. You’ll see all meeting times based on the timezone you’re in.

available for download now on your phone or tablet

see it in action

Explore the demo videos below to get a sneak-peek at what to expect once you’ve downloaded Lionrock Life.

how to create an account

Be as public or private as you’d like with your username.

how to join a live meeting

All meeting times will be based on the timezone you are in!

how to submit tech issues & give feedback

we’re looking for your feedback!

If you’re having issues within the app or have a suggestion about features, please use the in-app tech form so we can create the best experience for you.

To contact tech support, submit a tech request here.