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  • Written By Ashley Jo Brewer

  • #111 – After the Episode

    #111 - After the Episode

    ATE: Don, Lyon, Titus, & Alison

    Producer Christiana Kimmich is back for this After the Episode. CK and Ashley Jo review clips from the stories of Don Cummins, Lyon Herron, Titus Gardner, and Alison Haase. 

    E106 | Don Cummins

    Don Cummins is a bank robber turned bank software developer. At a young age, he witnessed the tragic suicide of a family friend. Throughout this ATE, CK and AJB review the story Don shared and discuss ways to navigate difficult conversations – especially as parents. 

    E107 | Lyon Herron 

    Lyon Herron is a fifth generation Angelino who was born with Gardner Syndrome. CK and ABJ review a clip where Lyon talks about using pain meds to cope with pain. They also provide listeners with a medical update to share how Lyon is doing today.

    E109 | Titus Gardner

    As Titus Gardner entered a life of recovery, he began discovering different areas of his life that needed healing. You’ll hear a clip where Titus talks about discovering an area that needed healing that he was not at all aware of. CK and AJB discuss the beauty of recovery as you walk through each different layer. 

    E110 | Alison Haase

    Alison Haase is an author who discusses the pitfalls of her addiction to drugs, alcohol, work, food, and people. In the After the Episode, you’ll hear a clip where Alison discusses the first time she met a sexy, savvy, female alcoholic.

    Episodes Reviewed

    • S3 E106 | Don Cummins: Decades-Long Incarcerated Bank Robber Gets Out, Gets Sober, and Turns It All Around
    • S3 E107 | Lyon Herron: A Lifelong Battle with a Rare Disease & the Positive Mindset that Has Captured the Hearts & Minds of a Community
    • S3 E109 | Titus Gardner: From Drug Dealer to Corporate Vice President, Recovering Out Loud
    • S3 E110 | Alison Haase: Author of ‘The Addict in Aisle 7’ Discusses the Pitfalls of Her Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol, Work, Food, & People Pleasing

    Other Episodes Mentioned

    • S3 E108 | Ask the Expert: Dr. Louise Stanger – 2019 Interventionist of the Year Discusses Helping Families Navigate Challenges in Recovery
    • S2 E35 | Kendra Allen Bares It All: The ‘Break Up Bestie’ Shares Her Alcoholism Journey That Led to Her Passion to Help People Through Break Ups

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    Her recovery experience includes substance abuse, codependency, grief and loss, and sexual assault and trauma. Ashley Jo enjoys supporting others in recovery by connecting with people and being a leader. She shared her story in Season 3, Episode 92 of The Courage to Change.