Oct 12
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  • #125 – Victoria Abel

    #125 - Victoria Abel

    Recovery, Addiction, & Holistic Nutrition

    Victoria Abel is a therapist, chef, and certified addiction nutritionist. She began her work in 1994 within inpatient treatment, being trained as a therapist working with trauma, family systems, and all types of addiction. During this time, Victoria received her first Master’s degree in counseling.

    Being raised in a holistic family, Victoria was reintroduced to naturopathic medicine when her own daughter became ill and a dramatic change in diet changed the trajectory of her daughter’s life. Ever since, Victoria has been hooked on the healing power of food. She completed the Master Nutrition Therapist program through Nutrition Therapy Institute in Colorado and has been able to integrate nutrition therapy into her therapeutic work. She works with clients in a multitude of venues to provide support, encouragement, education, and hands-on skills to help people heal their relationship with food.

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