Nov 16
  • Written By Ashley Jo Brewer

  • #132 – Christiana (CK)

    #132 - Christiana (CK)

    I’m Not Sober, But the Treatment Industry Helped Me Heal

    In early 2019, Christiana was tapped to co-create The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast. With a background not only as a marketer and project manager, but as a professional dancer and songwriter, she knew she would cut recordings and set up processes, so that’s where she started.

    Over the last two (almost three) years Christiana and I have developed the show you know and love today. It has been an incredible journey. In a bonus episode during Season 3, Christiana shared about Haven Dance Company choreographing their video, “The Story of the Struggle” on addiction. 

    Christiana and her husband Roger recently welcomed their beautiful baby girl Jordyn Cash and enjoy spending time with their beloved pup Noel Hope.

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    Ashley Jo Brewer

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    Ashley Jo is one of the producers of The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast team. With over a decade of experience working with C-level executives and directing corporate training events, she brings extensive production experience to Lionrock. In early 2020, she made a significant career change and stepped into the realm of podcasting.

    Her recovery experience includes substance abuse, codependency, grief and loss, and sexual assault and trauma. Ashley Jo enjoys supporting others in recovery by connecting with people and being a leader. She shared her story in Season 3, Episode 92 of The Courage to Change.