Apr 19
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #137 – Sarah Campos

    #137 - Sarah Campos

    Mother Battles Alcoholism After the Death of Her Young Son

    Sarah Campos was born in Arizona and raised in Southern California. She graduated from ASU with a BS in Business. A hairdresser by trade, she now runs a full time e-commerce business online that supports clean living and wellness. She is the mother to Jaxon, Alesa and Ford.

    When tragedy struck her family in the form of the death of her 8 year old son, it sent her drinking into a destructive spiral. Numbing the pain of the loss she eventually ended up in detox and finally found help in AA and Al Anon. 

    She is new to the sober community but in 2 short years her sobriety has been completely life changing even in the worst circumstances. Today she gets to live imperfectly but free from addiction. She honors her son’s memory in the love she gives to his siblings.

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