May 2
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #139 – Michelle Smith

    #139 - Michelle Smith

    How Mommy Wine Culture took her to the depths of alcoholism

    Michelle’s passion for maternal mental health emerged after becoming a mother. Alcohol became a coping tool, eventually resulting in severe alcohol use disorder. 

    As an educated professional working in the addiction field, she never imagined she would find herself struggling to find a healthy relationship with alcohol. 

    Sitting on the bathroom floor, bawling her eyes out, she had a moment where she wondered how she let her undiagnosed postpartum depression and alcohol use disorder go undetected for so long.

    She had worked so hard to build the life of my dreams, and once she was living it, all she wanted to do was escape.

    She went from a depressed, anxious mom using alcohol daily to numb to living a life of confidence, freedom, and purpose. She chooses to recover out loud to let other’s know alcohol is not an accessory to motherhood. 

    Michelle created Recovery is the New Black, a digital community that touches thousands.

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