May 16
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #141 – Will Certain

    #141 - Will Certain

    Food Addiction and 160lb Weight Loss

    After Will’s mom passed away in 2017, a lifetime of suppressed memories and events came flooding back in. 

    What felt like a normal childhood with humble beginnings began to change. Suddenly he was seeing everything iin vivid detail, defending his mother during an attempted sexual assault, witnessing russian roulette at the kitchen table or being around for a long list of traumatic events.

    Will turned to food to deal with the trauma eventually climbing to 400lbs. He tried everything he could to change his trajectory including appearing in a local Biggest-Loser-style competition where he lost 88lbs in 12 weeks. But without understanding the psychology of food in his life the results didn’t last long.

    Eventually Will did the hard work of understanding food’s place in his life and digging into the trauma he experienced growing up. He’s since spent intentional time working through his complicated grief and even becoming a grief facilitator in the process.

    Will sees the world with a totally new outlook, living his personal mantra “Your Attitude determines your Altitude.”

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