Jun 13
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • # 145 – Lynsie

    # 145 - Lynsie

    Beauty Queen’s Alcoholism Leads to AZ Tent City Jail

    Lynsie was a high achiever from a young age. Starting dance, gymnastics and singing classes at age three. She joined the pageant circuit at 12 and immediately had success. The achievement of it all brought peace to her turbulent home with an alcoholic father. 

    She eventually found the success she was looking for when she became Miss Teen Arizona, but it led to a strange splitting of herself. In one life she was a pageant queen riding in parades and talking to kids about not drinking or using drugs all while partying heavily and on the road to her own addiction. 

    Then a sexual assualt, and other major life events caused her to have a mental breakdown which had her fleeing from non-existent Mexican Federalis and diving deeper into her growing problem. 

    It wasn’t until she received an aggressive DUI from an accident that found her car wrapped around a tree with a passenger in the car that things started to change. She was sent to Tent City jail in the Arizona and then to treatment which led to her eventual recovery. 

    Today she is 16 years sober.

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