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  • #150 – Elizabeth Sockolov

    #150 – Elizabeth Sockolov

    Meditation Helped Me Stop Hating Myself

    Episode Notes

    Elizabeth Sockolov is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a member of Psi Chi, The International Honor Society of Psychology, and the founder of One Mind Therapy. 

    Elizabeth’s journey started eleven years ago when she got into recovery from addiction. Like so many, she used drugs as a means to deal with her anxiety. Then everything changed when she discovered meditation. It became the cure to the anxious thoughts swirling in her mind. When she realized the power and freedom that meditation provided, she felt compelled to teach others the skills that had saved her life.

    She started by leading meditation groups at treatment centers for people who were struggling with addiction. She furthered her practice through silent retreats, loving kindness practices and began the work to become a Mindfulness meditation teacher. 

    Elizabeth has helped so many people struggling with addiction through her meditation teaching and therapy work. Now as a mother of two, she’s had to find new ways to make meditation work in an environment that includes less and less dedicated time to her practice. She applies those lessons to the busy lives that we all lead.

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