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  • # 155 – Danny Hudgins

    # 155 – Danny Hudgin

    Finding Sobriety After 12 Years of Relapse

    Danny was born in New Jersey, but spent most of his childhood moving around the country before finally landing in Orange County. His drinking and using started in high school like so many but quickly got out of hand.

    At 17 he was caught smoking weed in a grocery store and was given a way to avoid legal trouble. If his parents were willing to send him to outpatient treatment then the charge would be dropped. His parents jumped at the chance and thus began a pattern of 15 years in an out of treatment and sober living communities. Danny was in and out of the rooms of AA for 12 years before he landed on his sobriety date. He accomplished one year of sobriety at least 5 different times. Many doubted whether or not Danny was capable of sustained recovery, but he kept coming back to his 12 step community – knowing there was something there for him, too. 

    Danny finally found sobriety in 2016 after reconnecting with his now wife. The couple quit their jobs and moved to Mexico – choices that had people questioning their actions but all the while were able to support each other in their sobriety. This move was the catalyst to start his company that has found success, despite many of his clients being in the alcohol business.

    Danny has been able to maintain his sobriety with the help of prayer, meditation and the support his wife and two sons. He is currently living in Wilmington, North Carolina where he maintains his recovery support and his status as a work in progress.

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