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  • #166 – Ask The Expert – Lee Shuer

    #166 – Ask The Expert – Lee Shuer

    Hoarding Disorder Recovery

    Lee Shuer is a Certified Peer Specialist and internationally recognized expert in Hoarding Disorder and has been at the forefront of developing self-help groups for people with HD. 

    Lee’s own complicated relationship with things started at age 3 years old when he began asking people the question “Do you have anything that you don’t need?”. 

    The first object he acquired was a lawnmower that finally gave away at age 43. Throughout his life he considered himself a collector and archivist, but as time went on he found that he was holding on to more and more objects, specifically those with sad memories attached.

    Soon his house was filled with World Trade Center memorabilia, Newspaper clippings from The Challenger Disaster and letters he’d failed to send to loved ones who passed away.

    Lee eventually sought the help he needed and went on to develop The Buried in Treasures Workshop Facilitator’s Guide with Dr. Randy Frost, and co-authored WRAP® for Reducing Clutter with Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland.

    He’s delivered his message about hoarding behaviors on CBS Sunday Morning, Scientific American, and The Chicago Tribune. As well as partnered with Stanford University, Columbia University, Smith College, and UCSF. 

    Today he works with those who struggle with their relationship with things and tries to get people to stop using the word hoarder.

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