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  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #172 – Lacie Hamilton

    Lacie Hamilton

    Unlearning Messages From An Abusive Mother

    Lacie Hamilton grew up in an abusive home with a mother who was addicted to alcohol and pills. At age 5 was the first time she was slapped and very quickly internalized the message that it didn’t matter what she wanted or needed. 

    As the abuse continued, Lacie developed her own addiction as a coping mechanism. It was her means to dissociate. It controlled her completely, but she viewed it as a more acceptable coping mechanism than what she saw her mother doing. 

    At age 9, Lacie had just gotten out of the ICU when her mother took her to a bar where she drank all night and then beat and attempted to strangle her in the hotel room. Lacie barely escaped but then her mother fabricated a series of lies to try to discredit her story.

    Lacie was removed from her mother’s home, but spent the next few decades trying to untangle the messages her mother’s abuse had written at her core, I’m not enough, I’m not safe, and I’m not worthy. 

    Eventually she found help in the form of EMDR and Ketamine Therapy, two treatments that helped her break free from the thoughts and behaviors that kept her stuck in her abusive past. 

    Today Lacie is the Director of Operations for Lionrock Recovery, and a licensed psychotherapist in over 10 states.

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