May 8
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #183 – Kylene Terhune

    #183 - Kylene Terhune

    Recovering From Her Husband’s $100k Cybersex Addiction

    Kylene Terhune believed she had a wonderful marriage. She’d spent 8 years with a man she loved and trusted. They had their moments but for the most part, things were great. Then one day a single discovery turned into a string of discoveries that eventually unveiled a 10-year cybersex addiction that was costing $50,000 a year.

    She felt like she no longer knew the man she’d married. The loss of trust brought up so many complicated emotions and eventually panic attacks. It didn’t feel like there was any chance of saving the marriage. The only thing that made her stay was her husband’s complete admission and his true desire to change. 

    It was that moment that started a journey of recovery for both of them that involved many difficult and uncomfortable conversations, therapy and even work with a polygraph machine. 

    Today, their marriage is better than it’s ever been with continued hard work and honesty even when the work feels like it should be done.

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