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  • #213 – Cait Madry

    Season 5 - Cait Madry

    LA Based Actor On Getting Sober Without 12 Step

    Cait Madry found her sobriety in a slightly different way than most. Growing up she had an addicted parent and felt like they were villainized when their addiction was revealed. Later in life, that affected how she was willing to view her own addiction. 

    Growing up, she wanted to prove that she could be different from her addicted parent. Her hope was that she would not let her substance use affect her life. That strategy didn’t go according to plan. So often she drank she had the deep feeling that her standards were nowhere near what she wanted them to be. 

    Then after four years of friendship, Cait’s best friend became more than that, fueled by late nights of drinking. 6 months later, their relationship was crumbling under booze-soaked fighting and being less than their best selves. Cait began reading and learning about a new way to view her relationship with alcohol. Someone was finally presenting a new perspective on her drinking and even her need to label herself an addict. Through this learning, she attempted to curb her drinking and each time she found her way back to alcohol until finally finding sobriety in the wake of a Thanksgiving blowout with her girlfriend. In the aftermath, they both made the choice to end their relationship with alcohol. 

    Today Cait co-hosts the podcast “Clearheaded”: The Guide for Sober Care where she and her partner  handpick the very best out there to enhance or kickstart your sober-care routine. 

    Tune in To Learn About:

    Childhood Influence: Discover how Cait’s childhood, marked by the experience of having an addicted parent, influenced her perception of addiction and the way society tends to villainize individuals with substance use disorders.

    Struggling with Standards: Learn about Cait’s struggle with maintaining the standards she set for herself, particularly as she found herself frequently turning to alcohol. Explore the disconnect between her aspirations and the reality of her drinking habits.

    Attempts at Curbing Drinking: Explore Cait’s efforts to curb her drinking, each attempt followed by a return to alcohol. Witness the turning point in her journey that led to lasting sobriety, triggered by a Thanksgiving blowout with her girlfriend.

    Relationship with Alcohol Ends: Learn about the transformative decision Cait and her girlfriend made to end their relationship with alcohol in the aftermath of the Thanksgiving incident. Understand the mutual commitment to sobriety that emerged from this challenging experience.

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