Aug 20
  • Written By Christiana Kimmich

  • #64 – Therapy Talk, Part 1

    #64 - Therapy Talk, Part1

    Introducing a new series – Therapy Talk!

    Therapy is such a helpful resource for healing trauma, and the brain is able to heal in amazing ways.  Both Ashley and Christiana have utilized therapy for healing trauma in their lives, and Christiana is embarking on the journey of EMDR in her therapy journey.

    Christiana has agreed to document her most recent therapy journey on air to show the healing power of therapy done well paired with EMDR and other helpful tools.

    In this episode, Christiana details the start of her EMDR journey, and how she got there, including dealing with debilitating panic attacks and anxiety from trauma.  The ladies also discuss brain types, the effects of trauma on the brain and emotions, and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right community of people.

    ⁠Join Ashley and Christiana for Part 1 in this exciting new and revealing series!

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