Oct 6
  • Written By Christiana Kimmich

  • #73 – Chuck O

    #73 - Chuck O

    Born and raised in Mesa, AZ, Chuck O couldn’t explain why he kept getting into trouble as a young kid.  After his 70th separate felony, he became a ward of the state at the young age of 13.

    After living in a home with other convicted felons until 18, Chuck went on tour with the Grateful Dead where his drinking and substance use picked up significantly.  After an arduous journey with substance use that left him hopelessly addicted to heroin, Chuck turned to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help him transition off heroin through the use of methadone.

    Chuck found the 12-step program while on medication-assisted treatment.  In this episode, he talks about breaking the stigma of being sober on MAT, and openly shares his story of relapse after years of recovery and how he and his family dealt with it and helped him find recovery again and ultimately do a blind detox off Suboxone.

    This episode is gut-wrenching to hear, but the story of love and redemption ring so clear in Chuck’s story.

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