May 13
  • Written By Ashley Jo Brewer

  • #99 – After the Episode

    #99 - After the Episode

    Mike , Craig , Adam , & Charles

    Join Ashley (ALB), Christiana (CK), and Ashley Jo (AJB) as they review clips from the stories of Mike Govoni, Craig Pothier, Adam Fout, and Charles M Henderson Jr. Throughout their review, they cover everything from childhood trauma to how to live authentically in recovery. 

    In Episode 94, Mike Govoni discusses what it was like being taken from his mother at a young age. The topic of not having attunement from a parent is one  that sparks a lot of emotion in CK. Throughout this episode, she’ll share her thoughts. 

    Craig Pothier, from Episode 95, displays a classic case of alcoholism. In this After the Episode, ALB, CK, and AJB discuss the rules active addicts and alcoholics often create for themselves. They also dive into why hearing a story like Craig’s gives hope to those who are struggling. 

    Author Adam Fout covers the topic of mental health and substance use disorder in Episode 97. In this After the Episode, ALB touches on why mental health and substance use disorder so often go hand in hand. 

    Last but not least, Charles M Henderson Jr’s story is truly one that takes us from heroin to Harvard – a journey in which he struggled with being fully honest about his recovery.  Hear ALB share why hearing that a former heroin addict could make it to an ivy league college was different than seeing her friends and family attend elite universities.  ALB also provides some helpful tips about living authentically in recovery. 

    As you can see, there’s lots to cover. Let’s do this! 

    Episodes Reviewed

    • S3 E94 – Mike Govoni: Son of a Defrocked Catholic Priest Finds an Unorthodox Approach to Recovery from Addiction & Childhood Trauma
    • S3 E95 – Craig Pothier: One Canadian’s Journey with Alcoholism from a Town of 1000 to a City of Millions
    • S3 E97 – Adam Fout: How a Prayer Helped an Atheist Find Recovery from Substance Use & Binge Eating
    • S3 E98 – Charles M. Henderson Jr: From Heroin to Harvard – How a Young Black Boy Raised in the Projects Made It to the Most Elite University in America

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    Her recovery experience includes substance abuse, codependency, grief and loss, and sexual assault and trauma. Ashley Jo enjoys supporting others in recovery by connecting with people and being a leader. She shared her story in Season 3, Episode 92 of The Courage to Change.