Oct 16
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  • Ask The Expert – Kim Rogers

    Kim Rogers

    How Parasites Affect Your Physical and Mental Health

    Kim worked in western medicine for 18+ years holding an Associates in Medical Specialties & Bachelors in Healthcare. During her time in medicine she worked in the field, academics, authored multiple medical books, wrote national allied health certification tests and served on medical advisory boards. 

    While her own personal health took her away from this amazing path, it led her to an even better opportunity, helping others realize how important it is to understand their own bodies and health and to dive deeply into the world of parasites and their role in our physical and emotional health. 

    Today, she works to help others find healing from the parasites that detract from our body’s ecosystem.

    Tune In To Learn About:

    Medical Career Expertise: Tune in to learn about Kim’s impressive 18+ years in Western medicine, where she earned advanced degrees, authored medical books, and contributed to the healthcare field in various capacities.

    A Personal Journey: Discover how Kim’s own health challenges redirected her path, leading to a deeper understanding of the significance of understanding one’s health and the role parasites play in our physical and emotional well-being.

    The Parasitic Connection: Dive into the intriguing world of parasites and their impact on our bodies. Learn from Kim’s expertise as she explores how these microorganisms affect our physical and emotional health.

    Healing and Wellness: Join us as we explore Kim’s mission to help others find healing and restore their body’s ecosystem by addressing the presence of parasites. Discover the tools and insights she offers for a healthier life.

    Empowering Health Knowledge: Explore how Kim empowers individuals to take control of their health by understanding their bodies and addressing the often-overlooked aspect of parasitic infections.

    A Path to Holistic Health: Learn about the holistic approach Kim takes to promote overall well-being by addressing the role of parasites in our physical and emotional health.

    Unlocking the Secrets of Health: This episode delves into the valuable information and insights Kim provides to help you unlock the secrets of your own health and well-being through parasite awareness and management.

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