Aug 19
  • Written By Ashley Jo Brewer

  • #115 – Ask the Expert – Dr. Nicole Labor

    #115 - Ask the Expert - Dr. Nicole Labor

    Is Addiction a Disease?

    The question is addiction a disease is searched thousands of times per month. In this episode, you’ll hear the answer plus more from Dr. Nicole Labor, an addiction specialist.

    Dr. Nicole Labor is an addiction specialist who attended and graduated medical school in Erie Pennsylvania at the Lake Erie College of osteopathic medicine. Following graduation and residency she completed a fellowship in addiction medicine through Geisinger in northeastern Pennsylvania.

    She currently serves as the medical director at OneEighty, a treatment center that offers inpatient and outpatient chemical dependency and behavioral health services in Wooster, OH. She’s also the director of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship for Summa, the Medical Director for Interval Brotherhood Home, and the Medical Director of Esper Treatment Center in Erie, PA. 

    Dr. Labor spends time educating healthcare professionals, churches, schools and community members on the disease of addiction and works to remove the stigma surrounding addiction. 

    In 2019, she published a best-selling book titled The Addictoholic Deconstructed: An irreverently quick and dirty education by a doctor who says f*ck a lot

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