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  • #156 – Tim Lodgen

    #156 – Tim Lodgen

    Sobriety Unlocks Effective Bipolar Treatment For Vet

    Tim Lodgen grew up in Baltimore Maryland where he signed a skateboard contract that had him riding with Bucky Lasek and Brandon Novak. Playing sports kept him away from drugs and alcohol until he enlisted in the Marine Corps as a Senior in High School. He thought he’d let off some steam before he had to enter the highly regimented life of a soldier and during that time he did every drug he could get his hands on.

    Soon he was then deployed to Somalia where massive amounts of alcohol took the place of the drugs. When he finally returned home he was happy to be out of the military but quickly fell into a deep depression that had him sitting with a gun in his lap and thinking about suicide.

    He finally admitted his depression and was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder, but without ever admitting to his drug and alcohol use, he spent the next 20 years with incorrect doses that did little for his mental health. 

    Tim then began a career as an MMA fighter. An eventual injury led him to introduce opiates into his use that sent his addiction to another level and caused a second suicide attempt.

    He finally found help 27 years into his addiction after his wife discovered him preparing to take his own life. He has since become the healthiest version of himself, even coming in 3rd place in a Muscle and Fitness bodybuilding contest. 

    Tim now uses his platform to help others through telling his story, working with the homeless and offering addiction and health advice through his Instagram account.

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