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  • #157 – Justin White

    #157 – Justin White

    Saved By EMDR After Son Drowned In Empty Pool

    Justin White had been using meth for 12 years when tragedy found his family. His son had been playing outside and drowned in an empty pool at age 4. The loss was more than he could withstand.

    His Meth use accelerated and he introduced Heroin into his daily life. He spent days and weeks motionless inside his house unable to do anything other than medicate the waves of pain.

    He eventually decided he needed to get clean, but it took 6 attempts to get into rehab. Each time he wasn’t admitted, the stakes mounted and eventually he ended up using Fentanyl before finally getting clean. 

    In treatment, the difficult work continued with EMDR, working through the most painful moments of his life. But something about the practice began to work and life felt like it could continue. He still meets with the therapist who he credits with saving his life.

    In 23 days he will celebrate a year of sobriety as he honors his son’s life and hopes to someday have another child and give back to those that have given him so much by becoming a drug and alcohol counselor.

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