Oct 10
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • # 162 – Ask The Expert – Stasia Rivera

    # 162 – Ask The Expert – Stasia Rivera

    Performance Coach on Mental Health

    Stasia Rivera is an expert in the science behind optimized performance; whether it is flying aircraft or building wins in sports or working through a recovery program, the concepts are the same.

    Stasia developed these processes as a therapist working in trauma, addiction and family systems as well as being a former Division 1 athlete and coach at all levels of competition.

     In both arenas, Stasia studied the science behind performance, applied behavior, motivation, and connection, and it all came together to create two companies, AQ Athletics and Aviation Quotient. 

    Today Stasia works as a Stress Management professor at a top-ranked aviation college. She also works with Gen Z athletes that compete at high-level high schools, colleges, or at the pro-level. 

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