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  • #163 – Dane Ensley

    #163 – Dane Ensley

    Three Generations Of Addiction And Recovery

    Dane Ensley grew up in an AA home. His mother and grandmother were sober and among a long line of family members who struggled with alcoholism and addiction. He grew up feeling destined to be an addict and also in recovery.

    After his parents split up at age 7, he found himself looking for male role models who had the strength, bravado and macho energy that he felt drawn to. He found them, but they also brought drugs and crime into his life. 

    At 18, he was hanging out with this group of these men when things turned violent, leading to a stabbing and Dane going to jail. He was eventually set free, and had the opportunity to run from that lifestyle, but instead, doubled down on his drinking and using. By 22 he was nearly dead.

    He eventually found sobriety after going to a detox center, but immediately found himself unemployable. It was after he’d exhausted every idea that he walked into a treatment center and asked if they needed anyone to clean the floors. They offered him something much more than that, they paid for him to become a counselor instead. 

    That moment launched what would become his life’s work, helping people find recovery through becoming a counselor, interventionist and eventually founding Reconstruction Unlimited. The organization has allowed him to work as a coach with the world’s leading interventionists and travel the world working with a broad spectrum of clients.

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