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  • #165 – Ask The Expert – Michelle Farris

    #165 – Ask The Expert – Michelle Farris

    Codependency Recovery

    Michelle Farris is a Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in codependent relationship patterns. She helps people to avoid the people pleasing behaviors and issues with boundary setting that can often become stumbling blocks for many in recovery.

    Michelle began her own recovery at 21. She began attending Overeaters Anonymous and Al-Anon Meetings. She found the Al-Anon meetings much more difficult than she anticipated. She found herself being forced to face a difficult reality, the deep co-dependence she experienced in her relationship with her alcoholic partner. 

    It was through that work that she began to realize how deeply her addiction to relationships and codependency affected her life. The roots of it had traveled beyond the bounds of her romantic relationships and began showing up in her friendships as well.

    Michelle was able to find healing and turned her new found knowledge into a career helping people who find themselves in the same situation. 

    Today she works with people to ensure they can lead healthy relationships with the ability to communicate their needs, set healthy boundaries and create new patterns for how they interact with the people they love.

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