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  • #19.5 – After the Episode

    #19.5 - After the Episode
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    ATE #19.5: Episode 19 with Melissa Bresnahan was such an incredibly special episode. Ashley and Christiana decided to recap Episode 19 by itself, and Melissa wrote in with some additional thoughts highlighting some deeper topics from what she originally shared.

    Join Ashley & Christiana in this deep dive into Melissa’s episode where they uncover insights into the stigma of addiction, loss, grief and as they also honor the memory of Pat Bresnahan, Melissa’s beloved son.

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    Show Notes:

    Show Notes:

    2:15 – A note from Melissa Bresnahan of Episode 19

    3:20 – Referencing the informational video that Melissa did for International Overdose Awareness Day (see video here:

    5:06 – The stigma of addiction in society

    8:46 – The background to producing Melissa’s podcast

    12:40 – Maintaining the image of “okay” when in the midst of addiction

    17:08 – How do you know the difference between just “partying” and using?

    22:15 – Seek expert advice

    22:45 – More from Melissa – how she found out about Pat’s passing

    27:35 – How to parent a child who is in recovery

    30:24 – The family portion – how they play a role in a chid’s recovery, and Ashley gives examples from her journey to sobriety

    36:50 – Comparing diabetes to addiction

    38:24 – What you can do as a family member of a loved one struggling with addiction

    43:50 – Where to get help:

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