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  • #20 – Sarah Scheper

    #20 - Sarah Scheper

    #20: Sarah Scheper is a real estate agent in Southern California, and recently got picked up as one of the stars of the hit reality series “Love & Listings” on VH1. Along with telling her amazing story of recovering from bulimia and alcoholism at a young age, Sarah brings a hilarious sense of humor along with her wit and willingness to dig deep and talk about the pressures of being in the Hollywood limelight and maintain her recovery in the midst of it all.

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    Show Notes:

    3:00 – Sarah’s background

    3:45 – Sarah talks about the beginning of her eating disorder

    10:00 – Starting drinking again in her senior year of high school, and leading into college

    13:50 – Coming from a real estate family

    16:15 – Staying sober through the glitz and glam of Hollywood

    20:00 – Getting her real estate license and establishing her community

    22:00 – Talking about Overeater’s Anonymous

    23:55 – The take on God or a Higher Power in recovery and the 12 Step community

    26:45 – Sarah’s experience on the VH1 Reality Series: Love & Listings

    31:10 – Encountering difficult situations on the show

    38:06 – Doing inner work and keeping up her recovery

    42:02 – Sarah uses a meditation app called “Insight Time” along with listening to some of her podcasts by Tara Brach and Gabby Bernstein, along with the OA Podcast

    45:39 – How she got up to LA

    52:30 – Dating in recovery and how to be true to yourself

    54:40 – Sharing a quote from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book

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