Nov 6
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #209 – Rita Gigante

    Season 5 - Riga Gigante

    Mafia Boss’ Daughter On Healing After A Life Of Secrets And Lies

    Rita Gigante grew up in a world swirling with secrets, lies, and multiple sins. Her father, notorious Mafia boss Vincent “the Chin” Gigante, was the leader of the Genovese crime clan and the head of all five New York crime families for decades. But until she was 16, she was kept in the dark about his underworld activities. 

    She unknowingly hung out at mob headquarters and witnessed her dad’s whispered meetings around the dinner table, but only knew what she was told by her mother and siblings about his odd behavior: Dad’s sick. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t talk about the family. Living with the family secret–and other shocking betrayals she was to uncover, then instructed to conceal–plunged Rita into emotional and physical turmoil for years. 

    Then there was the blockbuster secret she herself kept hidden away: As the youngest girl in an old-fashioned, devout Catholic family, how could she confess to the unforgiving Godfather that she was a lesbian? They were all going to hell, she figured unless she could find a way to embrace the truth and find redemption.

    Today Rita Gigante is a gifted and sought-after Intuitive Psychic, Medium, and Healer. She uses the knowledge acquired through life experiences and studying with renowned teachers such as Eamonn Downey and Jinny Johnson, Rita also uses her skills to be a prolific Author, Speaker & Teacher. 

    Tune in To Learn About:

    A Mafia Princess’s Secrets: Tune in to learn about Rita Gigante’s extraordinary upbringing in a world filled with Mafia secrets and her father’s notorious criminal activities as the head of the Genovese crime clan.

    The Weight of the Family Secret: Discover how Rita’s life was shrouded in secrecy, and how her family’s Mafia ties had a profound impact on her emotional and physical well-being, keeping her in turmoil for years.

    A Personal Struggle for Acceptance: Explore the inner conflict and hidden truth Rita carried as the youngest member of a devout Catholic family, as she grappled with her identity as a lesbian and the fear of condemnation.

    Embracing the Truth: Follow Rita’s journey as she sought redemption by confronting her true self, finding acceptance, and breaking free from the constraints of secrecy and societal expectations.

    From Secrecy to Healing: Learn about Rita’s transformation into a gifted Intuitive Psychic, Medium, and Healer. Discover how her life experiences and teachings have shaped her into a prolific Author, Speaker, and Teacher, helping others on their own journeys.

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