Nov 13
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #210 – Rebecca Britt

    Season 5 - Rebecca Britt

    Prosecuting A Predatory Teacher And Heroin Recovery

    Rebecca Britt was a bright light when she was a child. That light slowly faded in a home life that constantly told her to shut up and sit down. She learned to be silent. She was silent when her brother introduced her to pot at 10 and she was also silent when her older brother’s friend began leaving her notes at age 12. She felt special that someone would want to have a relationship with her. What she didn’t realize that he was grooming her. At 12 she was raped. It was only discovered when she told her classmates about what felt like a “grown up love affair”. 

    The experience was jarring and confusing but also prepared her for the next year when a teacher began grooming her. When she finally came forward about his predatory behavior she spent the next 3 years in a deposition and after all the long process, he was found not guilty.

    Her painful experience had been for nothing. People whispered around school that she’d slept with a teacher. Her self esteem was nothing and that’s when she began using heroin, sleeping with older men and beginning an incredibly dark period of her life.

    Through all of it she had a strange desire for justice. She became a social worker in an attempt to help others who felt as powerless as her. All the while heroin had found its way into her daily life and she found herself nodding out during meetings. She was eventually arrested for possession of Heroin. It scared her enough to stop her heroin use, but her trauma remained.

    Today, she hasn’t used heroin in 10 years and uses her non-profit to help children with complex trauma needs. 

    Tune in to Learn About:

    From Silence to Empowerment: Explore Rebecca Britt’s journey from a silenced childhood to finding her voice amidst trauma and adversity.

    Overcoming Injustice: Delve into the heartbreaking experience of reporting abuse, facing a lengthy legal battle, and the emotional toll of seeing justice slip away.

    Dark Days and Addiction: Uncover the depths of Rebecca’s struggles, from battling drug addiction to the lowest point in her life, marked by a painful arrest for heroin possession.

    From Desperation to Purpose: Follow Rebecca’s path as she transforms desperation into purpose, founding Stable Moments to provide healing and support for children with complex trauma needs.

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