Nov 20
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #211 – Julie McFadden

    Season 5 - Julie McFadden

    Hospice Nurse Julie On Sobriety After 20 Years Of Drinking

    Hospice Nurse Julie McFadden grew up in a normal 80s childhood, but obsessive thoughts plagued her from a young age. The people around her constantly asked “why can’t you relax?” And she immediately internalized the idea that there was something wrong with her.

    At 13, she found alcohol and the thoughts would go away. It became her first tool to manage her obsessive compulsive anxiety. Now she knew how to keep things together, but she needed alcohol.

    In college she kept the facade going even when she’d evolved to a daily heroin user. As things got darker and darker she told herself she wasn’t any worse off than anyone else. But in the back of her mind she knew there was something wrong.

    She was able to get off heroin and told herself getting off that single substance would solve her problems. Her problems continued as she drank and used drugs through nursing school and as she began her career. Even with all the partying she could always keep the wheels on.

    Then things became more and more problematic and she felt like she needed to change. She moved to California with a vow to change her life. But attempt after attempt failed until she finally found lasting recovery.

    Today, Julie works in Hospice care and has a successful TikTok channel with over a million followers.

    Tune In To Learn About: 

    Early Struggles with Obsessive Thoughts: Discover how Julie’s childhood was overshadowed by obsessive thoughts, leading those around her to question why she couldn’t relax. Understand the impact of these thoughts on her self-perception.

    Nursing Career Amidst Addiction: Explore the challenges Julie faced as she pursued a nursing career while continuing to grapple with addiction. Understand how she managed to keep the appearance of stability, even as her life became increasingly problematic.

    The Failed Attempts at Change: Hear about Julie’s attempts to change her life, including a move to California with a vow to transform. Discover the struggles she faced and the repeated failures before finding the path to lasting recovery.

    From Struggle to Success: Explore Julie’s present-day success, as she not only thrives in her career but also boasts a TikTok channel with over a million followers. Uncover the empowering messages she shares with her audience and the impact of her story on others.

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