Nov 27
  • Written By Scott Drochelman

  • #212 – Marin Nelson

    Season 5 - Marin Nelson

    Recovering Out Loud In Corporate America

    Marin Nelson loved drinking from the moment she began. It was an immediate connection that she’d been searching for. Early on she found herself having panic attacks and being stuck in the destructive cycles of use. She began searching for all kinds of cures for her health concerns. She became a Vegan. She tried volunteering. She tried new groups and clubs and health kicks but never considered alcohol to be the root of her problems. 

    She eventually found recovery that worked for her after a long road of failed attempts and as her recovery and her career grew, she began to feel the desire to share her recovery. She knew there were other people in her workplace community that were struggling with the same problems, but no organized community existed. This need was the birth of Soberforce. 

    In her role at Salesforce, she created an open group for people to meet and share their sobriety out loud. What started small grew to 500 members in a matter of months. 

    Today, she works to combat the stigma people face in the workplace and to educate companies about the need to create a more supportive environment for their employees struggling with substances.

    Tune In To Learn About:

    Immediate Connection with Alcohol: Discover Marin’s early experiences with alcohol and how it provided an immediate connection she had been searching for. Uncover the initial allure and its impact on her life.

    Unconventional Solutions: Explore Marin’s journey through unconventional solutions, such as adopting a vegan lifestyle, volunteering, joining new groups and clubs, and embracing health kicks—all while overlooking alcohol as the root cause of her problems.

    Birth of Soberforce: Learn about the catalyst for Marin’s desire to share her recovery journey and the founding of Soberforce. Understand the gap she identified in her workplace community and how Soberforce emerged to address this need.

    Combating Stigma in the Workplace: Gain insights into Marin’s efforts to combat the stigma associated with substance use in the workplace. Understand her mission to educate companies about the importance of fostering a more supportive environment for employees dealing with substance-related challenges.

    Educating Companies: Discover Marin’s advocacy for creating awareness and understanding within companies about the unique needs of employees in recovery. Learn about the positive impact of supportive workplace environments on individuals struggling with substances.

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