Nov 24
  • Written By Christiana Kimmich

  • #83 – Christina Kimbrough

    #83 - Christina Kimbrough

    Christina Kimbrough was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  She is a childhood survivor of abuse, and grew up in a very strict evangelical Christian environment with no tv, radio or any sources of media.  She struggled with anxiety as long as she could remember, but didn’t pick up a drink until she was about 21 years old.  Once she started, her drinking started progressing very quickly.  After being diagnosed with a panic disorder at 25, her anxiety dovetailed into suicidal ideations, and she finally hit her bottom in January of 2020 when she decided she needed help.  After moving back home to get help and continuing to drink for months, she finally entered IOP treatment and finished the first week of lockdown from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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