Dec 1
  • Written By Christiana Kimmich

  • #85 – Danielle Gregorich

    #85 - Danielle Gregorich

    Danielle Gregorich is an Arizona native, an Air Force wife and a sober Mom of two amazing children.  She is a multiple suicide attempt survivor, a kidney cancer survivor and a stroke survivor.  In short, she is a living miracle!

    Danielle started writing about her sobriety daily.  She wrote raw and  authentically about her struggles with sobriety, marriage and motherhood.  Writing quickly became therapeutic and played a crucial role in her first years of sobriety.

    Her writing culminated in her first book – Stroke of Sobriety – The Essential Daily Guide.  Her book is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.  Today, Danielle is an active member in the recovery community and works at a treatment center.  She is a public speaker sharing her experience, strength and hope anytime she gets the opportunity to do so.

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